Chiropody and Nail Surgery

Chiropody Care for:

  • Routine reduction of Callus, (Hard skin) and removal of corns
  • Gentle trimming of nails that are hard to reach or which are thickened/pinching at the corners
  • Advice on treatments for Verrucae and Warts such as Cryotherapy, (Freezing), caustics and holistic remedies.
  • Padding, Strapping and manufacture of more simple devices to offload painful areas

    Also included:

    • Advice and treatment for Neuropathic, Diabetic and Rheumatoid feet.
    • Neurological, (Nerve), and Vascular, (Circulatory), check ups
    • Footwear and Footcare product advice

      Corrective Nail Surgery:
      For the treatment of Ingrowing Toenails. This involves a minor surgical procedure carried out under Local Anaesthetic to alleviate the pain and misery of Ingrowing Toenails.

      • First, a detailed questionnaire is completed to assess suitability for use of Local Anaesthetic and likely outcome re: Healing
      • Under Local Anaesthetic, the side/s of the nail that are ingrowing are removed. A chemical called Phenol is applied to the nail matrix to prevent regrowth. The advantage of this process is that, cosmetically, a nail remains that is visible but comfortable.
      • The patient is seen for weekly re-dressings until healing is complete. This usually takes approximately 1 month from start to finish, but times may vary according to the individual patient.
        General Chiropody

        For a flexible mobile service in general chiropody, call to discuss your needs on Birmingham 0121 661 7514, Droitwich Knee Clinic 01905 672 376 or Mobile
        07941 138957

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