Alternative Approaches

Joint Mobilisation.

Wherever relevant, this is included with the Biomechanical Examination to see what effect it has upon function of the foot and the symptoms that a patient has presented with. Sometimes, particularly in the treatment of Ankle Pain/Dysfunction, this can even be all that is required. However, it is equally useful for Midfoot and Toe Pain.

Podiatric Acupuncture

This is something that I have added to my repertoire under the guidance and supervision of the Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists for the treatment, chiefly, of pain in the lower limb and am fully insured to do so by them. However, this is also used in with and as part of the Biomechanical Examination, particularly for Dry Needling of Myofascial Trigger Points for relief of pain and restoration of function in targeted muscle groups.

Bowen Therapy

I stumbled across this fascinating technique when I was in Sydney/Australia, learning the Joint Mobilisation and Trigger Point techniques described above under the great Dr Paul Conneely. As it originated from Australia, naturally, it was common there but less so here, although that’s changing.

As a long term Back Pain sufferer who had tried all the usual approaches and some of the more unusual ones, I decided to explore this further upon my return to the UK. After graduating with the European College of Bowen Studies, (ECBS) in October 2008 I have employed this technique to great effect alongside the more traditional methods of Biomechanics.

Within the scope of this paragraph, it is impossible to adequately describe Bowen so I shall confine myself simply to this; it is Holistic, gentle, safe and effective, requiring no special equipment and may be performed with the patient lightly, fully clothed. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me for a chat, or visit

Bowen Theory

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